Exim Applicants

Protect Your Bottom Line and broader your coverage at no additional cost by using a speciality broker


Policy triggers for claimable events

Compliance requirements

Claim filing period

Variety of Insurance Companies

Shipments over two policy periods?

Do you want authority to grant insured credit lines?

An Agent works for the insurance company


Broker defines in your favor

Broker will reduce or remove

Broker seeks the longest time frame possible

Broker aligns you with best option

Broker harmonizes language

Broker customizes language

A Broker works for you!

ARI – Specialty Accounts Receivable Insurance Broker

  • Est. 1996, with offices located throughout the U.S.
  • No additional cost
  • Specializes in credit insurance 
  • We craft unique solutions for your unique needs
  • Access to all markets
  • Member of Credea – Global solutions in 45 countries
  • Minimize or eliminate compliance requirements
  • Review of internal credit practices
  • Market analysis on carriers and coverage options
  • Pre-claim interventions and documentation review
  • Live headquarter support in Tampa, Florida (M-F 8am-6pm est)