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An Accounts Receivable Broker is someone who is hired by you and paid by the insurance company. They have vast experience in dealing with a number of carriers and a number of contracts. They simply make sure that you are placed with the best carrier and in the best contract, tailored to your unique business requirements. In order to ensure your broker has access to ALL markets, the letter below should be sent to ARI, on your letterhead, so that we can approach ALL appropriate markets for you.

The Following is a Sample Broker of Record Letter

You can copy and paste the text directly into your document . . .

To Whom It May Concern:
Please be advised that "Company Name" recognizes ARI Global as our broker of record regarding our receivable insurance matters.

simply click below and print on your company letterhead.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

 If you are working on a direct basis, or with another broker, afford ARI the opportunity to support your Credit Insurance needs. If you feel at the end of the quotation process we were of no value, we will back out of the program and receive zero compensation.