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Accounts Receivable Insurance and Securitization

A securitization is simply off-balance sheet financing. A securitization has the net effect of selling an asset, picking up cash, and not creating a liability. All of your ratios will change on your balance sheet, in your favor, after a securitization is in place. If you are a public company, this will mean that anyone performing a financial analysis on your balance sheet will come up with better ratios.

Accounts Receivable Insurance Policy

An Accounts Receivable Insurance policy is written in the name of an organization that will simply sell a group of your receivables with a credit guarantee from the credit insurance company. When these receivables are aggregated into a single instrument, an S&P rating is assigned to the portfolio. As a result of the policy, the carrier's rating will govern the securitization which generally has an improved credit rating. Usually this enables you to sell this portfolio of accounts with an enhanced interest rate.